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 Available Dates

Dates not shown are already reserved


09/17/2019 09:39 AM

Dates can only be held with deposit.

Phone calls will not hold your date.

Rentals are first come first served Hall can be booked only on Saturday morning

From:  9:00 AM - 10:00AM


 Click on date to bring you to the rental agreement

Until you have a contract that has been approved and signed by one of our officers your date is not reserved.

Contracts mailed to us are approved in the order we receive them.


Frequently Asked Questions



Calling will not hold your date only a deposit will.
Only the dates listed in each  month are still
available for you to rent.



 Only dates listed below are available for.

For groups looking for a monthly rental we have Wednesdays and Fridays currently available for long term rental.

September 2019

Saturday 28th
October 2019

Saturday 5th
Saturday 26th
November 2019

Saturday 16th
Saturday 23rd

  December 2019

2020 Rental Agreements will be posted soon
January 2020

Saturday 4th
Saturday 11th
Saturday 18th
Saturday 25th
February 2020

Saturday 1st
Saturday 8th
Saturday 15th
Saturday 29th
March 2020

Saturday 7th
Saturday 14th
Saturday 21st
Saturday 28th

 Saturday Hall Rentals will cost you only  $385.00

We require an additional $400.00 damage deposit that is refunded providing no violations of the rental agreement or damage to hall.

  So the total you will need to give us by the rental day is $785.00.

We will hold your $400.00 damage deposit until the Saturday following your rental.


 You can pick up your $400.00 damage deposit on the Saturday morning following your rental.



Office is open only on



9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

We are closed on all Holiday weekends.

If Holiday is on a Monday or Tuesday the Saturday before the Holiday we are closed.

 If holiday is on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday we are closed the Saturday following the holiday.




To reserve a date you will need to give us at least $200.00 at time of booking and pay the balance of $585.00 on the morning of your rental.




Frequently Asked Questions


You can print out a rental agreement form and submit it to us via mail 

or bring it in on Saturday morning,

Agreement is not valid and date is not reserved until accepted

by rental agent and you receive a signed agreement from us

For months not listed please call or email to check on availability.

You need to put a deposit of $200.00 to reserve a date.


Dates will not be held by phone call.





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