Charter Members

The original application to form a post was submitted on September 8, 1919 and 

endorsed by Department of RI on September 9, 1919.

The Original Charter Members were as follows:


Merrill Davenport Ambrose
Harold Steel
Frederick Eddy Jr.
Frederick H. Person
Edward Zior Jr.
Carl Williamson
C. Edwin Darnell
Raymond T. O'Neill
William H. Robbins
Albert Bouthillier
Howard Bouthillier 
Clifton I. Reading
J. Clarence Carlson
Harry Steel
L.J. Knight


  The Auburn Post filled an Application for a Permanent Charter 

submitted by the following Officers:

Commander:  Charles W. Anthony
Adjutant:   Tracy H. Rich
Treasurer:  C. Edwin Darnell
Service Officer:   Ernest L. Johnson
Chaplain:  Warren G. Baxter
Athletic Officer: Clifford K. Wilbur
Sgt. - At - Arms: John H. Ornberg  

             The Post had 90 members during the 1920 Membership year. Dues were $3.00.


Permanent Charter was approved and issued by National on April 6, 1923

If you have any information to add to the above or if your a relative of one of these 

members send an email so the information can be added.