Our Post Photos

Past Post Events

100th Anniversary Dinner

Hall Decorated with New Chairs

Hall Decorated for Baby Shower

Armed Forces Day 2003 Dinner

Seabees Deploy from Post 20       

Armed Forces Day 1999 Dinner

2015 Christmas Dinner



Our Memorial in front of Post

Service Seals Along Our Walkway

M60-A3 Battle Tank Vietnam Era

         This Tank was to be displayed on the concrete pad in front of our hall.

   After it was decided  that it was to large we requested that

the Army allow the Town of Johnston to place it on

display in a more fitting location at the

Johnston Veterans Memorial Park located off Route 6.






RHODE ISLAND CHAPTER 2 visit our hall before the

Memorial Day 2003 Services.








Post Officers 2001

First Row L-R:  Frank Calcagni, Malcolm Daniels, John Voccola

Second Row L-R: Ara Boghigian, Judy Calcagni, Leo Golde

Third Row L-R: Frank Decedric, Al Shiel, Denis Ratcliffe

Last Row L-R: Leo Walsh, Charlie Siegl.


(Members in Red are deceased)